Live Online Pub Quizzes and Virtual Game Shows

Live online pub quizzes and virtual game shows that you can play at home with friends and others across the world. Weekly live quizzes across general knowledge, music, film and TV, history, geography, politics, science, technology, nature and more.

Play on your laptop or mobile.   Win great themed prizes.   Be entertained.

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Play on laptop or mobile

Play along live on our quiz platform using your laptop or mobile. Send us your answers directly through our platform to mark and score. Just sit back, relax and play.

Great themed prizes

All of our paid and free quizzes have prizes to win, which are usually themed to the quiz you're playing. Prizes include Amazon vouchers, Just-Eat vouchers and more.

Hosted live on YouTube

Our quiz hosts will walk you through the quiz on a live YouTube stream where they will read out questions, update you on the leaderboard, declare the winners and try to entertain!