How to Play.

How to join a live quiz

To join and play our live quizzes, you will be sent a private link to our unique quiz platform in your email inbox on the day of the quiz, along with your player code and instructions on how to play.

You can also watch our quiz host live on our YouTube channel and interact with them using the live chat features - you can ask questions and even argue about the answers in true pub quiz style!.

The game code will be shared by the quiz host on the livestream.

How to play a live quiz

  • There are two different question types - free text and multiple choice. 'Free Text' questions will allow you to type your own answer, whilst 'Multiple Choice' questions will encourage you to choose one of four possible answers.
  • The host will read each question aloud on the livestream, but questions will also appear on your laptop or mobile device.
  • You will have 20 seconds to submit an answer. You can change your answer as many times as you like before the timer is up, but it will be your last answer that is scored.
  • The faster you submit an answer, the more points you will receive.
  • New! Every player will be randomly assigned one of five teams - Pink Flamingo, Yellow Python, Green Mantis, Blue Dolphin or Purple Dragon. Alongside earning yourself points whilst playing our quizzes, you will also be earning points collectively as a team. Extra prizes will be up for grabs for players in high scoring teams.
  • New! Whilst playing our quizzes, you will also earn a number of Achievement badges for skillful and knowledeable play. We are always adding new badges for you to showcase your achievements proudly!

Important information

  • You can play on either laptop or mobile, but we recommend playing on a laptop or computer where it may be easier to submit your answers.
  • Once you have joined the quiz, please do not close your browser or leave the quiz. You may have issues rejoining the quiz and you may miss out on a few questions (and points!) whilst you try to reconnect.
  • Do not play in incognito mode as your browser may have problems remembering your quiz session.
  • Do not play in Internet Explorer - our quiz platform does not support this browser.
  • Please make sure you have a reliable internet connection. We cannot be held responsible for problems during gameplay because of slow internet connections.
  • We use cookies to identify your team as you're playing the game. We don't use these for any marketing purposes.
  • By creating a QuizWhip account and playing one of our quizzes, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.